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The Pumpkin Tide

In which we continue what we started.

The knight opened the palace doors for her, grunting as he did so. The giant things hardly seemed practical, but the way the knight’s face lit up betrayed his love for the ritual of it. ‘Welcome, my queen, to Redgarde Castle.’
Before entering, Livia took another quick look at the structure’s architecture. She still thought it looked more like a palace, the way it was decorated and unprotected save for the walls surrounding its premises, but opted not to snap the knight out of his ceremonial bliss over details like that.

After he followed Livia inside he took another minute to pull the doors shut again, following their thud against their frame with a scream. ‘Roward!’ The bouldering voice echoed its way through the building, now more clearly presenting itself as empty and deserted. Livia tried tracking the different repetitions she heard to get an idea of how long the many castle halls were, but she didn’t succeed.
‘What is it now, brute?’ Livia looked up. Down from one of the many stairs came a man, tall but not slender, swiftly tipping his way to her. She’d place his clothing as that of twelfth century nobility, but couldn’t know for sure, what with never having had history lessons. ‘And why the witch in the odd getup?’
He was right. Her short dark dress, skinny pants and punk boots drew a lot of attention to her now that she’d taken off her robe, yet she couldn’t help but quip back. ‘The jester’s jokes don’t amuse me, knight.’ The sudden frown on the nobleman’s face brought a smile to hers.

‘Roward!’ More reverberations, this time accompanied by a soft ringing in Livia’s ears. ‘I cannot allow you to speak ill words of our queen.’
The royal slanderer descended from the bottom step. ‘Oh? The queen you say?’ He strode her way, carefully inspecting her majesty. ‘That’d be quite the solace.’ He narrowed his eyes. ‘But I’ll believe it when I know it.’

This was my third attempt at writing this part, first time getting more than two sentences on paper, and I just wrote pt5 as well!
~ Fang


  • 31/05/2016 (3:35 AM)

    Yeah, what Nas said. I like this futuristic trickery. Livia’s a fun character to root for.

    I don’t know much about history either, so if I went back in time, I imagine I’d just have to impress people with my “magic” technology. Look, peons, upon my magic mirror! It predicts the future, and it can look into your very soul and even capture it! …Now sit still, or it’s going to come out blurry and I’m running out of memory.

    • 31/05/2016 (9:16 AM)

      All these people saying she’s fun to root for when most of her story that comes before this makes you want to root against her. It’ll make for a fine turning point in the grander scheme, like is probably going to happen with many other characters too.

  • 30/05/2016 (2:21 PM)

    Sweet. You’re going back to this after all. Not bad. Needs more “Off with his head!”.

  • 28/05/2016 (3:04 AM)

    I like this because even though the suspicious guy is completely right to be suspicious, the reader is rooting for the thief to fool him. In other words, we’re hoping the bad guy gets away with it.

    Nifty, and I am glad there was a part 4… and 5!

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