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Adventure Time!

Yesterday’s story continues, as Livia makes her way to the palace gates.

The wet splashes of her footsteps echoed against the seemingly abandoned buildings. Only a lone few window panes showed signs of life. As Livia passed by the open door that held them company a thick, complex aroma grabbed her by the nose. She stopped, glanced inside. A wide array of exotic-looking flowers filled the shelves, numerous baskets were filled with more common ones. A small bunch of roses right by the open door caught her eye. More red than anything she had ever seen.

She heard rustling from the back of the store, accompanied by a soft and gentle humming. Carefully Livia placed a soaked boot into the store. The floorboards didn’t make a single noise as she leaned over to separate one of the roses from the bundle. She briefly considered leaving some of the coin she had stolen from the helpful navigator, but concluded it wasn’t ever going to matter. In a swift motion she pulled the reddest rose out, tucked it under her cape, and continued on her way.

Right around the corner she found a pair of old, weather-worn gates leading to a narrow, curved alley. She tried them, but they were locked. Locked, or rusted in place. Disappointment didn’t lower her spirits, she was determined to see this plan through. A fierce kick to the hinges was all that was needed to bust the barrier. It fell to the ground, the mud muffling most of the noise, and immediately started to stain the puddles a sickly orange. Livia made sure to step over the mess as she entered the alley, making her way onto the royal grounds.

Not as good as yesterday’s part I feel, but eh, good enough. (next)
~ Fang


  • 23/05/2016 (5:57 PM)

    Yeah Livia, you show that rusty gate who’s boss! Even the bits that build up are necessary. Besides you did throw in a bit of action and even small bits of character development in the stolen rose and consideration. We now know that she likes flowers and she does have some scruples even though she’s a theif.

  • 23/05/2016 (8:36 AM)

    If it moves along the story, it’s not bad, it’s merely building up to something EXTRA good.

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