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Software prototyping can be kind of like building a sandcastle.

Before we all start complaining about sand crunching under our keyboard keys, hear me out. The process of building a sandcastle is essentially starting from scratch, and then just picking up whatever you find lying around, slapping it together until it looks like something half-decent, right? (Right? I never had a proper childhood.) If you need to prototype some software functionality, and you’re like me, you’d do practically the same. Except the sand is libraries and the castle is barely working garbage.

It’s nice though, there’s so much functionality already out there that for some basic “let’s try this out” programs, I can just grab this and that off the ‘net, hook those things up to each other, and have a piece of software that has some resemblance to one that does what I want. You know, kind of like buying furniture from the IKEA.

(Don’t get me wrong though, IKEA furniture is actually kinda good.)
~ Fang


  • 12/05/2016 (1:44 PM)

    Something tells me that building an ikea flatpack cabinet is more time consuming and annoying than putting together a program. I can at least tell you that’s pretty much how sandcastles work.

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