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03 05 16


Over the years I’ve covered many a topic on this blog. Many of which more than once, I assume.

I wanted to talk about digital storage space for a bit again today (I purchased a high-speed 64 GB SD card today for a measly €30, that’s hella neat!), but then I realized I’ve covered the topic at least three times already, two of which I can still vaguely remember. I know there’s a third one there because the blog’s been up for over five years, no way I didn’t double-cover it before already.

Though it’s not strictly unavoidable, the revisiting of already checkboxed subjects, it’s definitely hard. Past a certain point you’re forced to either delve into a way too specific part of a broader topic, or go with a diary-post. And let’s face it, the latter is just more of the same as well. Thing is, I can’t comfortable talk about all that much. I can philosophize, sure, but that’ll just end up yet another Barely Coherent Mess.

Covering recent events isn’t my thing unless I think they’re important and interesting enough, and I actually have some cents to add. I’d love to do more technically oriented write-ups but those take longer than half an hour to write and don’t fit my audience anyway. Still thinking of setting up a separate blog for that stuff, but I doubt I’d be able to write very many quality pieces.

I’ve managed to push something out consistently for a looong time now though, I’m sure I’ll find a way.
~ Fang

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