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Oh, Comely

It’s hot, and not because of some person’s presence.

After getting shafted a week or two ago with the second coming of the cold, cold winter, I was happy to see things turning around. The sun shining throughout the day, comfy temperatures, all the good stuff. But these past few days? It’s been practically summer, I’m not even kidding. Over 25°C peak temperatures, with the nights hanging around and above the 15°C. Pretty crazy for the May after the coldest April yet.

I’d almost say it’s just too hot already, but it definitely beats the frigidity we’ve been experiencing here the last, oh I don’t know, the last seven months? About damn time it warmed up, here’s hoping that helps my arms as much as the cold fucked them over.

As always, expect to see more of this off-beat weather. Global warming is throwing all kinds of chaos into the meteorology game, it’s going to be interesting to see what oddities we end up with. And yes, I live in a country that borders the ocean, but at least we’re really, really good at doing things with water.

Atlantis would’ve been wat better off if they just hired a bunch of Dutch guys.
~ Fang


  • 09/05/2016 (5:06 PM)

    You know, I wish the US would just get on board with the rest of the world so I wouldn’t have to Google your Celsius numbers like a dumbass just to figure out what temperature you were talking about.

    Our weather here is weird. Last week it was snowing and 0 of your degrees. Yesterday it was 30. Maybe tomorrow we’ll plunge into a blizzard. Or we’ll explode in fire. Who knows?

    • 09/05/2016 (10:26 PM)

      The forecast for tomorrow is Godzilla with a slight chance of laser-eyes. The rest of the week will cool down a bit as we head into the new ice age.

  • 09/05/2016 (4:40 AM)

    It’s been hot here for about a month already, although we did get a late-season cool snap last week. It will be stifling now until November.

    Here in Houston we’re getting 100-year floods on a quarterly basis now. I don’t know how anyone is going to manage to get flood insurance or car insurance if it keeps happening.

    I might have to move to higher ground. Like maybe 250 miles north.

    Houston was fun while it lasted.

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