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Forever my favorite colors.

There’s a whole bunch of colors out there. What’s the latest count, sixteen-million-something? Quite a lot! And a fair few of those belong to the pastel colors. They look kind of washed up, white-ish, much more quiet compared to their louder, more vivid brothers and sisters. It gives them the nice property of always being pleasant to the eye. Combined with their child-like look and feel, they always make you feel right at home.

That’s not to say all the bright colors are worse by any means! They’re perfect for grabbing your attention, making themselves known, keeping you awake and alert. Want to highlight something? They got you covered! Pastels can’t do that, but this ability comes with the risk of feeling a bit overbearing. In design, you need to be bold and brave, and your colors need to reflect that. But you also need to know when to take it easy and paint the experience a bit more laid-back colors.

If you’re not doing any visual signaling though, pastels are just perfect. Slap ’em on and enjoy a comfy view.
~ Fang


  • 31/05/2016 (2:01 AM)

    This is quite a good promo for pastels. I was going to play devil’s advocate and slam them, but frankly, I think you’ve made a believer out of me.

    • 31/05/2016 (9:14 AM)

      Slamming pastels is like slamming a child. Fun in theory, but in reality you’re quickly overcome with guilt and regret.

  • 30/05/2016 (11:03 PM)

    I never thought I’d see a post about pastels but here it is. I’m one of those people that sees about 10 colours at the most. If it ain’t in the rainbow it’s just a shade.

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