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I joined in on some “one sketch a day” fun starting yesterday and Ugh.

Of course, I haven’t drawn in quite some time and I’ve never been much of an artist anyway, but it sure is painful getting into it again. I’m starting to think that coin flip between soul-crushing depression and gleeful narcissism is just part of the artistic process. Either you nail it, or you don’t. In my writing I still feel “meh” pretty often rather than one of the extremes, but I fear it won’t take much to tip that to either side.

On top of that, it feels like there’s a limit to the amount of craft I can do in a single day. After finishing today’s drawing I felt pretty good about things (despite it turning out pretty awful), yet I couldn’t seem to bring up the energy and skill to continue on The stolen queen. Can’t get it up for programming right now either. (Programming is an art too, right? It’s very much a creative field at least.)

Well, that’s just how it is. At least I did something today!
~ Fang


  • 25/05/2016 (10:12 PM)

    I’ve just gotten back into arting as well, and I never realized how emotionally draining it is. Like I finish one illustration and I need to hibernate for a month before I can even start thinking about doing another one.

    Post some of your art!!

    • 25/05/2016 (10:32 PM)

      The daily drawings are based on prompts, so don’t mind the seeming randomness of it all, but so far I got Mercy from Overwatch, a scarab and a shitty mermaid.

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