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14 05 16

No solution

I know where the light is, I just can’t quite see it.

If there’s anything frustrating, it’s having a problem with seemingly no solution. And if there’s anything worse than that, it’s knowing where the problem lies but not knowing how to fix it. That more or less describes my current situation. Every since upgrading and then promptly downgrading my phone’s software (never again, never ever), it’s been having issues when it comes to file management. Apps can open things just fine, but can’t create new ones: my storage has become read-only.

A fair few hours of prodding and poking have told me it’s probably a file permissions thing, and I know how to change that. But the changes don’t stick! I’ve researched why that is, and it sort of makes a little bit of sense, but then what is my next option? As far as I’m aware, I have none. So now I’m stuck with a poorly functioning device.

Of course every problem has a solution, but it doesn’t always like making itself apparent.
~ Fang

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