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You just lost it

I’ve been responding to comments a lot lately, and I think I should do it consistently.

Problem is, I’m not sure people even bother checking back. No notifications are sent out when I reply to someone as far as I’m aware, so I never feel like just replying on here is all that needs to be done. Most of the time I’ll move over to the other person’s blog and leave a commented saying I replied to them, possibly including my reply as well. But that’s a fucking ass-backwards way of making conversation isn’t it?

Nasreen uses Disqus for her comments, which provide a nice little “hey something’s up” notification right in the comment section, there and on other sites that use Disqus, so I get notified fairly quickly. But I’m not too keen on moving to an external comment section provider, what with the over six-thousand comments I have stored here, and the loss of control third-partying this would bring.

But what other options are there? I don’t want to send out email notifications for stuff like this, that’s too heavy-handed. I could roll my own notification system, but then people would still have to visit my blog to know I replied. I don’t want to do social media integration either because Fuck That Shit. WordPress probably has solutions for this, but I imagine them being sub-optimal.

Do any of y’all manually check back after providing comments you feel I may end up replying to? Any ideas for this?
~ Fang


  • 31/05/2016 (3:31 AM)

    I’m a big fan of checking back manually on interesting comments/comment replies, if A) I know the blogger does them and B) their replies are interesting. So if replies are something you’re actively going to do, then hell yes we’ll come back and banter with you, or pretend like we know what we’re doing and drop writing advice on you, etc.

    • 31/05/2016 (9:17 AM)

      actively doing

      Occasionally, sure! But you won’t find me replying if I don’t have anything useful or interesting to add, so.. I guess you’ll never check back for nothing?

      • 01/06/2016 (7:28 PM)

        Does this comment add any value to this conversation or am I replying just for the sake of replying?

        • 01/06/2016 (7:38 PM)

          Go home Beer Guy, you’re meta.

          • 03/06/2016 (7:41 PM)

            Beer Guy? Singular? We are Beer Guys. We are legion. We are often drunk. Expect us.

            I could have replied on a newer thread but that didn’t seem as fun. So we’d be happy to break our own rules and find a way to send you a paperback copy of our new book. Hard copy is officially good to go, so we have a big shipment being sent to us right now that should arrive in a week or so. I’ll e-mail you when they arrive and see if you’re still interested.

          • 03/06/2016 (7:52 PM)

            Well surely you aren’t writing these comments with four hands on the keyboard?
            I’ll impatiently await your email then, thanks!

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