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Six years!
31 05 16

I am an artist.

It feels weird to say that, but I fear there’s no way around it. And obviously I don’t mean it in a self-praising way.

Though I had always admired creativity as a skill, the image I had of myself was closer to that of a logical thinker. Not some “I’ll figure this problem out crazy fast” kind of way, but just my attitude and way of looking at things, you know? My discovered interest in programming reaffirmed this belief. Programming’s an inherently logical pursuit, right?

Well, in a sense, sure. Down at its very base, it’s all just “things that make objective sense” rather than “things that feel right”. But once you get into actual designing and problem solving for software, things get a little less clear-cut. There is no longer a clear objective best solution, and so there is no existing pathway to reaching any solution either. One must leave behind their current state of mind and delve deep into the unknown, making “sense” of the situation in their own unique way.

Of course there’s the more surface-level art of writing pretty, elegant code as well, but that’s more or a “programming prose” thing. Which ties into writing, an art I’ve picked up as a hobby and haven’t yet managed to let go of. The same goes for drawing to a lesser extent as well, I always keep coming back to it, even if I’m not trying to get good. It brings the total of artistic hobbies of mine to three now, which will probably classify me as some creative kind of type, rather than a logical one.

Or maybe — and here’s a fun one — the logical and creative blend together, go hand-in-hand, are two cutting edges of the same sword.
~ Fang


  • 01/06/2016 (3:23 AM)

    I’m goiong to get you a beret. And a skinny cigarette holder. Just because I associate dressing like that with being an artist and I want to encourage your art.

    Do you ever post your drawing?

    • 01/06/2016 (10:43 AM)

      I post them to the daily sketch threads I participate in, but can’t find a way to provide that to you as a list somehow. Maybe I’ll slap together an album sometime and link it here. But honestly, it isn’t much more than shitty doodles and half-attempts.

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