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07 05 16

Formal documents

My eternal nemesis.

There’s something about documentation that just puts me off. Doing a little write-up for some personal project is all fine and dandy, but ask me to turn in a real-deal report and there’s no way I can get into any kind of flow whatsoever. I don’t exactly get hung up on the neater sentences, but just the whole process seems to slow me down. For more informal things I can get away with writing things the way they come to mind, and that works fine. In official documentation that’d just look bad though.

It just goes so strongly against my normal writing style, it feels a bit hard to adapt. Is that what I get for varying so little in the way I write all my blog posts? Has my proficiency in casual writing caused all my other writing skills to stagnate? Possibly, but it’s not like that’s permanent damage. The human brain is flexible, if I plow at it enough I’m sure formal writing will get easier too.

But it’s literally no fun at all, so eh.
~ Fang


  • 08/05/2016 (4:36 AM)

    Yeah, I understand. It’s tough to turn off that part of your brain when you have to follow something with strict parameters.

    I manage – and I’d like to believe that I do a pretty good job – but it’s unrecognizable as “mine.”

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