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04 05 16

Foreign politics

I can’t not say anything related to the US elections, now can I?

Even here, on the other side of the ocean, the “lesser evil” elections receive a lot of attention. How can it not? “All eyes on America” has been true for quite a while now, for better or worse. And while it’s definitely interesting to discuss possible outcomes, consequences, all the fun stuff, it’s kind of iffy if you’re not a foreign politics expert. Because you don’t have the other countries’ viewpoint.

Thanks to the prison that is the individual human consciousness, you’ll always be forced into a subjective look onto things. While it may be very normal to, say, work endless over-hours in Japan, that’s relatively unheard of over here! And if (as an extreme example) the average American ends up voting Trump for president, then maybe we’re not seeing what they’re seeing.

I’ll be real and say that there’s also a lot of citizens of the US who don’t believe Trump is going to make it to the presidential role, and I’ll also say I personally agree with that. But then maybe president Trump is what is needed, because the revolt won’t be silent when that happens.

That’s also an outsider’s perspective though. I’m just curious to see how it turns out.
~ Fang


  • 05/05/2016 (1:27 AM)

    I have been here in the States the whole time and I’m still not sure how we’ve gotten to this point. I hope we look back on this whole thing next year and laugh.

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