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The fuck is that?
19 05 16


This is the third post I attempt writing for today.

The first two just didn’t jive very well with me. The idea in my head was interesting enough, but seeing the words on paper just didn’t live up to the imagination. So I ditches them. Select All > Delete. Who knows, maybe they could’ve been something good sometime, somewhere. But not here, because I threw them away like garbage. Was that… justified? A good idea?

The alternative would’ve been to just roll with it, see where it ended up. I assessed that they probably wouldn’t go anywhere really, so it would’ve been a waste of time trying to turn them into full-fledged publishable pieces. I could’ve saved them as drafts to be revisited later, but would my judgement on the topics change?

Something tells me it would’ve been better to give it a shot anyway, but another part says I’ve already progressed way beyond the stage where any kind of practice is good practice. Then, what is this? Isn’t this also just endless ramblings on a sub-par topic?

Well, yeah, but at least this is completely written out.
~ Fang


  • 20/05/2016 (5:27 AM)

    Sometimes, things don’t click, but then I come back to it later – even years later – and it turns into something wonderful.

    I enjoy reading your stuff even when it’s on a topic about which I know noting.

    • 20/05/2016 (2:02 PM)

      I’ve had draft posts that outstay their welcome. The longer you go without publishing a post the more irrelevent it becomes. Eventually I just had to delete them because there was no point to them anymore. Maybe you did just delete the best posts you’ve ever written though. Who knows?

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