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31 05 16

I am an artist.

It feels weird to say that, but I fear there’s no way around it. And obviously I don’t mean it in a self-praising way.

Though I had always admired creativity as a skill, the image I had of myself was closer to that of a logical thinker. Not some “I’ll figure this problem out crazy fast” kind of way, but just my attitude and way of looking at things, you know? My discovered interest in programming reaffirmed this belief. Programming’s an inherently logical pursuit, right?

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30 05 16


Forever my favorite colors.

There’s a whole bunch of colors out there. What’s the latest count, sixteen-million-something? Quite a lot! And a fair few of those belong to the pastel colors. They look kind of washed up, white-ish, much more quiet compared to their louder, more vivid brothers and sisters. It gives them the nice property of always being pleasant to the eye. Combined with their child-like look and feel, they always make you feel right at home.

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29 05 16

Sea of life

It’s easy to forget how vibrant and alive the world is when you spend your days behind a desk.

I live on the top floor of an apartment building. Though it’s only three stories high we still get a really nice view from up here, a view over a small dog park with an even smaller grouping of trees that you could call a forest if you tried really hard. There’s always something to see down there. When the excited barks of a thousand playful dogs aren’t echoing off our windows, the field makes for a nice strutting area for birds. And even when they’re off somewhere else, there’s still plenty of cool-looking trees trying to get into the spotlight.

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Let’s keep going, shall we? (previous)

The suspicious figure pinched his chin, trying to imitate stroking a small beard. Livia wasn’t sure if he did it on purpose or was actually thinking hard. ‘I know!’ he suddenly spoke up, ‘If you are truly a member of the Redgarde family, making you queen of this city, then surely you possess one of the family blades?’

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In which we continue what we started.

The knight opened the palace doors for her, grunting as he did so. The giant things hardly seemed practical, but the way the knight’s face lit up betrayed his love for the ritual of it. ‘Welcome, my queen, to Redgarde Castle.’
Before entering, Livia took another quick look at the structure’s architecture. She still thought it looked more like a palace, the way it was decorated and unprotected save for the walls surrounding its premises, but opted not to snap the knight out of his ceremonial bliss over details like that.

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