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03 04 16

Why not keep it?

Today in Miracles of the Modern World: costless data retention!

My movie library just keeps on growing. Luckily, I can afford that. Plenty of disk space, two terabytes isn’t something you fill up during a long weekend after all. I’m sort of getting there, but I can’t imagine the thing ever being completely full. So after I’ve seen a movie, why would I want to delete it? Space isn’t an issue, and to keep things neatly organized I can just dump it into a “watched” folder. There’s no reason to not keep the data around.

Who knows, maybe I want to watch the movie again in the future. I’ll already have easy access to it. Or maybe it won’t be available anymore next year. Good thing I still have it stored! This applies ever more so to things like software, where you might want to keep installers for older versions around just in case an update messes things up.

As long as you can afford it space-wise (which is cheap these days), keep your junk around. Future historians will thank you.
~ Fang

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