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18 04 16


Boy am I tired.

Did a short post yesterday on how I went to see the EU LCS finals, which were really cool. Afterwards, we hung around Rotterdam for a bit and I may or may not have sort of missed my last train back home. We could still make it to one of the friends’ place though, and he was kind enough to set me up with a couch… which was way shorter than advertised. But it served its purpose, allowing me to get a whopping two hours of sleep in!

Would’ve loved to sleep longer and head straight from his place to school, but my laptop was still at home. And I kind of need that for my IT study. So the Grand Detour it was. Had enough time at home to get a quick shower and breakfast before hopping onto a train again. And I made it in time for class, hurray!

So that was kind of a first for me. Can’t say my day was any kind of productive, but we had a great time yesterday so it was totally worth it. Here’s hoping a single good night’s rest will be able to silence my body’s screams of fatigue.

Good night!
~ Fang


  • 21/04/2016 (1:39 PM)

    You’re young and strong,you ony need two hours sleep. Man I did that once and it was a damn nightmare. It was a day I went out too so I spent like six hours on a bus and four hours on my feet. Very bad day.

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