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05 04 16

The resale

There’s a lot that can go wrong when buying second-hand stuff.

But most of that doesn’t apply to products that are largely digital in nature. Music CDs, movie DVDs, video games, as long as the disk or cartridge isn’t broken it should work fine. Sure, some retro cartridges got some minor issues as they aged, but for the most part it wasn’t anything unfixable. In general, when you buy data on a physical object, you can be pretty certain of what you get once you’ve seen the first five seconds are fine.

It’s what makes music, movies, and especially games such booming business when it comes to second hand sales. Not all games have high replay value, or make for great party games. So why keep them around once you’ve completed them? Sell them for half the original price, funding your next purchase and making someone else happy!

It’s what I’ve been doing recently myself, when it comes to Wii U games. It’s a nice system with some neat games, but €60 for a new game is a little much for my wallet. Don’t get me wrong, I think the prices are (mostly) justified, they’re just outside of my spending range if I want to get more than a single game. Second hand games offer me the option to get the exact same data for half the price, which helps me push past that barrier.

Here’s hoping the person I bought from reinvests my money into newer games though, ideally we want that currency to stay in the Games category.
~ Fang


  • 06/04/2016 (1:56 AM)

    I have a lot of music CDs and movie DVDs. I don’t know if they have any resale value or not – physical music thingee sales seem to be going in the direction of LP records. But I’ve got them.

    I hope physical music thingees continue to be a thing. I like a lot of great albums because I listened to them while holding the album cover, staring at it.

    I’m probably too young to say something like that, but it’s true.

    • 06/04/2016 (10:50 PM)

      Never too young for nice experiences, however old-fashioned they may seem!

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