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16 04 16

Stay fresh

I was looking for some niche software in the mobile app store today, but all of them seemed pretty old!

As stupid as it sounds, that immediately turned me off from the apps. Yes, they looked like they’d do what I want them to do, and some even had a nice look to them. But if, upon scrolling down, it says the application has last been updated in 2013, then I’m not even going to bother. I don’t want to install something that’s seemingly unsupported and might permanently break on future system versions!

There’s always something to fix about your app. A whole lot, if some of the reviews are to be believed. (They often aren’t, but that doesn’t make their feedback less valuable.) So if there hasn’t been a single update to it in years, then you probably don’t care for it anymore. It’s dead. And nobody wants to install abandoned wares when there’s still-alive variants out there.

So update often-ish, even if it’s just a vague “stability update”.
~ Fang

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