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30 04 16


As you’ve hopefully noticed, there should be a cute little padlock next to the blog’s URL that now starts with “https“!

Why do I suddenly have that on my websites? I’ll tell you why. Let’s Encrypt, an organization I talked about before, has taken it upon themselves to hand out free SSL certificates. Those are the things that allow a website to say “hey, you can securely connect to us, we’re the real deal”. This prevents a man in the middle from showing you fake pages for evil purposes. Historically, you’d have to pay for such certificates. But since encryption is a very important thing, and the web should do it too, Let’s Encrypt has said “we’ll do it for free!”

My web host didn’t support their certificates in an easy way yet though, but I recently discovered someone had written a tool that made it as easy as pie! It was still a bit tricky to get from pain old HTTP to an HTTPS connection, but after some fiddling around today, I can now say all traffic to and from my websites is encrypted!

So congratulations, you’ll no longer have to worry about your comments being intercepted mid-air, and can be certain that what you’re reading is indeed the real Fang Talks. SSR2 users will also be happy to known their login info is no longer being sent over the web in plain-text. Huzzah!

But if something seems out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to let me know!
~ Fang

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