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26 04 16


Screensavers save screens, yo.

And yet the plural form isn’t recognized as a proper word by my spellcheck. Odd. Almost as odd as the state of screensavers themselves. The last time I saw one in the wild feels like ages ago, and I don’t even use mine. Of course that doesn’t mean I let images burn into my screen, I wouldn’t ever dare! I make sure to manually shut down my display as soon as I leave my computer. In addition to preventing burn-ins, it also keeps sneaky jokesters away by password-locking my machine.

Most people around me are doing this. They either put their computer to sleep or shut down the display. Or have that done automatically after a couple minutes of inactivity. If that’s the standard now, why wasn’t is so in the first place? What purpose do screensavers even serve in this day and age? We don’t have shitty, slow-to-start-up monitors anymore, so putting it on full black isn’t as big of a deal anymore. Hell, most screens currently being produced don’t burn in as easily anymore, and have built-in burn-in prevention on top of that! Also, screensavers are no longer a graphical miracle of technology to “ooh” and “aah” at.

Yet here I am, doing an attempt at making a custom screensaver.
~ Fang

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