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Because you don’t want the boring teams in the finals.

So I actually have tickets for the European League of Legends Championship Spring finals this year! They’re held in Rotterdam, which is conveniently located in the country I live in, so I figured, why not attend? A bunch of friends are going as well, it’s going to be a great time! But it’s not yet known which teams will make it into the finals. Quarters and semis will have to be played first!

And of course, as a good fan should, I’m following them closely. Rooting for my favorite teams to make it through so I can get to see them play live on stage. And though any team will surely put up a good performance if they made it to the finals, it’s always more fun to see one play you’re more heavily invested in. Something to cheer for, from the heart.

As cool as high-level play is, a more sloppily played game can be much more entertaining. Fierce swings back and forth help keep the games exciting and will be sure to keep the crowd wild. From what I’ve heard though, the crowd usually brings some hype of its own, so it will definitely not be boring.

Can’t wait to see who ends up in the finals!
~ Fang

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