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I watched Deadpool last weekend. It was okay.

In my head, it didn’t manage to live up to all the hype people gave it. Yeah, it was a funny superhero movie for a change, but that’s also what struck me as negative about it. Not that there’s anything wrong with blending comedy into your favorite genre, but some of the jokes in the movie were pretty meh. And those all had a common theme: they were based on modern popular culture.

It isn’t just that I’m not a huge fan of those, jokes with pop-culture references at their hearts. It’s also that they likely won’t age well. No doubt Star Wars will still be culturally or historically relevant in ten years, but what about his Adventure Time watch? What about the (beaten to death) joke about the Taken movies? The not so subtle nod to 127 Hours? Though they may provide a glimpse into the past for the cinema-geeks seeing them in the future, they’ll likely go right over the heads of the rest of the audience.

And that’s a shame. References to popular culture are nice and all, but they’re not as timeless as “local” humor, the type for which all you need to know is the rest of the movie, or even just that scene. In my opinion, those are way funnier too.

Then again, I guess humor and culture and inseparable in some ways.
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  • 08/04/2016 (6:22 AM)

    Yep, amen to that. This is why we try our hardest not to put pop culture references into our humor novel because those gags never age well. Plus, I feel like they’re lazier jokes. Easier to make. Then again, I’m no professional (I just pretend to be).

  • 07/04/2016 (2:07 PM)

    I don’t mind cultural references as long as they make sense in the world they are in. Deadpool is set in the real world so I don’t mind those kinda joke. I saw a Hobbit reference in The Witcher which triggered me a lot. The good thing is that those cultural jokes will be considered campy in about ten years. So it’ll just make the film funny for a whole new generation.

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