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Is that a short joke?

Because I haven’t talked enough about virtual reality yet.

The essence of marketing is in making the potential client feel like your product is so good it’s worth their time. For things like household items, this is easy. “Cleans twice as efficiently as competitors!” Stuff like that. There’s a bunch of things to quantify, which helps the viewer understand why your product is so good. You can’t do this with experiences. Companies selling vacations can get around this by hanging up pictures that have been modified to look as pretty and comfortable as possible. But in the case of virtual reality, no image or video is going to do it justice.

I wasn’t all that hot for VR until I recently tried out a bunch of different games on the HTC Vive. It’s a truly unique experience, viewing a space many times larger than and vastly different from the space you are physically in. But that intense feeling of wonderment can’t be conveyed by watching it happen on a regular screen. You can’t grasp the effects of the experience from seeing someone else experiencing it.

Demos are really the best form of marketing for VR hardware, all other methods have a comparatively terrible conveyance factor.
~ Fang


  • 30/04/2016 (3:15 AM)

    I’ve been told that’s a problem with drone racing too. It’s another case where there’s a major difference between watching something and actually experiecing it yourself. I feel like, while I do enjoy what I’ve seen of virtual reality, it’s nothing compared to how it would feel to actually give it a go.

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