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In case you missed it, I wrote a scene from a thing yesterday.

It was fun to stretch those writing muscles again, something I hadn’t done in too long. A week is too long already, let alone the month or two I was at. I do want to write more frequently, even if it’s just for fun as opposed to serious practice, but inspiration doesn’t strike as often as I want to write. This usually results in me just picking a possible scene from a larger story I had been playing with in my head.

But then there’s the problem that the larger story isn’t in your heads. And up to a point, that’s perfectly fine. Adds some mystery to the scene, right? Too much mystery will end up being confusing though, so I want to make sure I cut out some references to the context, or include tiny bits of backstory where I can fit them.

Since I’m the only one who reads it before I hit publish, the burden of judging whether it came out okay is on me. But I can’t really tell if something makes sense on its own if I already have all the surrounding context in my head, so I end up either flipping a coin or just straight-up calling it “probably good enough”.

Well, at least it’s good enough for me.
~ Fang

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