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This is awful but I wanted to write it to see how poorly it did in a written format.

Eerie but uplifting tunes played as a creepy spooky skeleton crept across the screen. Charles was transfixed by the oddity of the supposedly classic video.
‘Hey!’ Casper’s sudden exclamation, combined with the tension created by the piece of popular culture, caused Charles to jump up from his chair in shock. Without paying it any mind, Casper continued, ‘I know that guy!’
Before he could compose himself, Charles blurted out a few obscenities. ‘Didn’t I ask you to open the door when entering? I can’t hear you phase through the walls, you know!’

‘Yeah, yeah. Whatever man.’ Complete disregard for Charles’ sense of privacy and security wasn’t anything new. ‘Anyway, check this out Charlie!’ Casper held out a see-through leaflet. ‘Aubin is throwing this huge party tomorrow night in the sixty-ninth plane. It’s gonna be radical, you should come too!’
Charles pretended to inspect the advertisement. ‘Dude, you know I can’t come to those ghost parties of yours, what with still being a mere mortal and all.’
‘That’s why… I…’ The clumsy apparition hadn’t finished fumbling behind his back, leaving him no choice but to fill the silence with grunts of effort and face-making. ‘That’s why I brought you this!’ He handed a beautifully wrapped box to Charles, who reluctantly accepted and unwrapped it.
Focus and concentration could be read off his face as he pulled off the lid. Instantly, his tense expression was replaced by one dripping with disappointment. ‘A hanging rope and a gun? Really?’

Ghosts make for terrible roommates. You can’t high-five them and they bring over the weirdest friends.
~ Fang


  • Bien
    13/05/2016 (11:14 AM)

    Nice Nice. Though I’m pretty sure Casper wasn’t the one jumping out of his seat. Also – Casper. Classic.

  • 10/05/2016 (5:29 AM)

    I would like to second the idea of this being a fun webcomic premise. Especially if it’s that dark kind of humor. Death by hanging – never not funny.

  • 18/04/2016 (3:16 PM)

    I’m sorry but I would watch the shit out of this show. It may be terrible but dammit I’m interested.

    • 18/04/2016 (8:40 PM)

      It’s actually a webcomic idea I’ve never bothered acting upon.

  • 16/04/2016 (3:48 AM)

    Haha… I guess he was trying to be thoughtful.

    I’ve never been to a party worth dying for. But then again, I’ve never been to the sixty-ninth plane.

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