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Apparently “unwalked” isn’t a word.

For the school project we’re doing something rather interesting. Our task is to make a tool to generate interactive visualizations of enterprise software architecture, so they layman can attempt to understand it and even make some changes. It’d be the first tool of its kind, which is really cool! …But also kind of concerning. Apparently people have already done theoretic research into it, but no actual proof of concept has yet been released.

That’s pretty concerning, don’t you think? Surely there must be a reason such neat software hasn’t been developed yet? What do the people who tried know, what problems did they run into? I can already foresee a few troubles. Not just in the realization of the project, mind. I mean, think about it. Software architecture is a complex and important part of the development process, who’d want a bunch of non-technical people messing around with that? I can imagine it’s the worst nightmare of some developers.

Hopefully we can overcome at least some of those struggles. Whether the end product gets used honestly doesn’t matter much to me, I’m in it for the good grade and fun of it.
~ Fang


  • 11/04/2016 (2:02 PM)

    I can tell that you’re going to run in to problems because, as a layman, I barely understood what the project is supposed to be for. It’s an interesting idea, but, as you said, the idea that the concern something hasn’t been done before because it can’t/isn’t a good idea is definitely a valid one. I hope it goes better than you think.

    • 11/04/2016 (3:03 PM)

      Exactly. It’s cramming a whole lot of technical information into a “needs to be simple” visualisation. Much like file compression, at one point you’re just going to lose data and you’ll end up with JPEG artifacts.

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