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As briefly mentioned yesterday, I attempted programming a wallpaper.

Quite some time ago now, Apple released their new programming language Swift. Supposedly makes development for OS X and iOS way easier. From what little I had attempted to do with Objective-C, the previous go-to for Apple device-targeted development, it was a bit of a hassle to get into, so surely Swift improved on that. And I suppose it does, but I can’t be too sure actually. I hadn’t ever used Swift before, and never even looked at the documentation for all of OS X’s libraries that I could call, so I was going in blind.

If I had known Swift, then checking out and adapting the libraries wouldn’t be that hard. If I was already familiar with OS X’s libraries, then learning Swift would be a way smoother experience. But there I was, unaware of any useful info on either. Pretty hard to build something when you have both hands tied I’ll tell you.

I should probably just follow a tutorial or two instead of trying to mess around and getting things to work. The Swift compiler’s error messages aren’t too clear, and though the language has many capabilities I’d be very happy to use, some intricacies make it very confusing at times.

Remember kids, one step at a time!
~ Fang

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