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01 04 16

Disaster tourism

I suppose seeking out people who’ve been tricked kind of falls under disaster tourism, doesn’t it?

April Fools, the most merry of days. You get to watch YouTube video alongside Snoop Dogg, drool at chrome Chromebooks, get upset over temporarily different layouts on your favorite websites and possibly lose your job due to a poorly considered Gmail prank. Yeah, that last one was actually that bad. Clicking a newly added alternative “send” button would append a mic drop image to your email, and prevent you from viewing further emails in that conversation. Considering how they placed it next to the real thing, of course people are going to be unintentionally pressing it.

Always amazed to read stories like those. The whole point of doing an April Fools prank is to keep it harmless and fun, otherwise you’re just another one of that “it’s just a prank bro” scum. Even more so if you’re a company, you got a reputation and image to uphold, and customers to keep happy. The very fact that nowhere down the line of implementation someone said “guys, maybe this can backfire” is rather concerning.

If only presidential election results would be announced today.
~ Fang


  • 04/04/2016 (2:52 PM)

    A lot of pranks are harmless. The changes in the website layout aren’t that bad at all. The Gmail thing though…that was a bit of a dick move. I wonder how many customers they lost as a result.

  • 03/04/2016 (7:10 PM)

    I read the story about the Google prank.

    Honestly, if some guy got fired because of a mic drop in an email on April Fool’s Day, he was not going to be at that job for very much longer anyway.

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