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I just accidentally read a blog post of mine from back in 2011. It’s worse than I had thought.

Without realizing it, my writing style says so much about me, or at least the period of my life I’m in. Reading back a few posts from then, the contrast with my current style is as night and day. You can tell I was still in my younger, less mature years by the made-up words and grammar, and the ridiculous amount of capitals. Not to mention the content. Well, I say that, but it’s still mostly diary stuff on here, as hard as I try to come up with better things to write about.

In a way, it’s kind of nice to see a piece of me recorded this way. Sure, it’s dripping with teen angst and there’s definitely no shortage of odd behavior, but that’s just how I was back then. Take a look at today’s content, trying to walk a delicate line between professionalism and “just do whatever”. Curious to hear what future me thinks of the current style.

Some people have their diaries, I have my blog. Yes, it’s open for all the world to see. Yes, the truth sometimes gets extrapolated for a more interesting reading experience. But it still captures a part of me, so we might as well call this dump “Fang’s diary”.

Also, there’s no way I’m not splurging to get the blog turned into physical books whenever I decide to end it. It’ll be gloriously disgusting.
~ Fang


  • 22/04/2016 (4:26 PM)

    At Least You Didn’t Capitalise Every Word. That’s So Annoying. Oh that actually hurt to type. It is fun going back and looking at older things and seeing how you’ve changed. You’ve matured a lot and can be happy with who you are now. Try not to be too harsh on your older self though.

    • 22/04/2016 (4:39 PM)


  • 22/04/2016 (6:46 AM)

    I don’t need to go back that far to know that my writing was much worse. It wasn’t terrible, I’m sure, but I know it wasn’t what I’m capable of now. It might still have teen angst, though. I was a late bloomer, after all.

    If anything, it’s awesome to see how far your writing has come. And that you can acknowledge it. Some people never grow, or want to. It’s a shame.

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