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Last class before the week-long break was actually kind of fun.

The subject is Human Computer Interaction. Only nine out of the twenty people in our class showed up, most of them probably decided to just not go after the first few lessons were kinda meh. And granted, the intellectual gains don’t feel very large, but I think it’s more of an experience thing we’re supposed to be getting out of this? It’s a design-ish subject after all, those tend to be mostly experience and intuition, with a handful of half-strict rules sprinkled on top.

Anyway, the teacher for the subject is a relatively high-energy guy. That’s an attribute that helps get classes like those of today off the ground. Rather than showing us some slides and mumbling some words about prototyping, he initiated a conversation slash discussion about it! The line between proof of concept and prototype, why we even prototype, what we focus on, and how we can apply all that to our own school-issued projects.

It’s nice because the ability to chime in becomes more of a need. You no longer interrupt someones lecture by posing a question, instead you add to the conversation by doing so! You can throw your own thoughts and opinions into the “academic” wild, see how they fly, what other people think of them. All while clarifying any misunderstandings you show. Definitely helped that we were only nine people strong though, a much larger group wouldn’t have benefited as much from this form of interactive teaching.

Unrelatedly, I will probably have a moderately exciting announcement tomorrow!
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  • 30/04/2016 (3:23 AM)

    I think interactive teaching is a great idea. By getting involved like that you’re more likely to remember the information. You just have to encourage the shyer students to get involved.

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