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14 04 16


Had a chat with people from the company I’ll be graduating with today.

Already had an internship last year, but I need one more to complete my study. Lucky! Nothing wrong with more free field experience before getting to work “for realsies”, at least I’ll be more or less allowed to mess around and make mistakes. Can’t afford that once I’m employed somewhere full-time. “We don’t pay you to fuck up” and all that.

The meeting I had today was geared towards the graduation internship’s research project. As you’d expect of a large company (yes, I’m playing with the big guys) they have a lot going on. Of course they’re making the transition to a more agile workflow (i.e. the scrum methodology) as virtually every software team is doing these days, but there’s also some other parts of the process they’re trying to automate, optimize, or otherwise improve upon.

And with that much going on, I get to pick from a couple of options! Do I want to delve into the challenges behind continuous deployment, which is becoming increasingly prevalent? Should I improve upon their existing testing software so there’s even less they have to worry about? I could also go work on a new architecture for connecting their internal products, based on web APIs. The possibilities aren’t endless, but it’s definitely hard to choose!

Good thing I have some time to think, courtesy of me being on top of this way ahead of time.
~ Fang


  • 15/04/2016 (2:06 PM)

    Ahh the benefits of doing things well in advance and having plenty of time. It sounds crazy until you do it. Make a good choice man.

  • 15/04/2016 (12:59 AM)

    You’ll make the right choice. Or the wrong one, and eventually land on the right choice, being able to laugh about the wrong one.

    I’m still not entirely sure which I did. Depends on what day I think about it.

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