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Drinks in the barpub are on me tonight!

Attended a family get-together today, and boy oh boy, aunts are a pain in the ass.

Interestingly, there were a lot of self-proclaimed computer illiterates present. It’s not that surprising, honestly, considering most of my aunts and uncles are in their fifties and sixties. But then you hear them out a bit about the things they struggle with because hey, maybe you can gather some user experience information out of this, and you begin to realize they aren’t even trying. Sorry, what?

There’s no denying modern technologies are a big part of life these days. Yet somehow, people who refuse to use them can still get by. Okay, fair enough. But what is it people don’t like about this magical new world that has opened up to us? There’s lots of things to like about it, so why would someone choose not to partake? I get a feeling it’s just straight-up too hard.

In a sense, computers are a whole new world next to our analog one. Learning to use them isn’t something you can do during a rainy weekend, you need a couple of rainy seasons and then some! It’s not like you can dive right in and surf the web like all those kids in the 90’s commercials did. Yet the younger generation does this with easy! Older folks see this happening, “oh it must be easy to get into then”, forgetting that they’re not growing up anymore so new things take time to learn. If they struggle and feel retarded during the first day, then it’s unlikely they’ll want to continue trying.

Can we fix this? Maybe. Will it be easy? No. Is it even necessary? I don’t think so, computer illiterates will die out eventually anyway.
~ Fang

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