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I had a great idea for a post, but it slipped my mind before I could write it down. Ten minutes of thinking couldn’t bring it back.

My computer isn’t in the greatest shape, I’ll tell you what. The hardware should be fine, it recently got a long overdue cleaning job and even had its thermal game replaced and refreshed. But there’s still something off about it. I’m very tempted to say it’s a graphics card issue, since my model is known for having that act up, but then I’m also forcing my machine to constantly run on the integrated graphics, so either the dedicated card isn’t being used and something else is fucky, or the whole “forcing it” thing is messing stuff up.

For all I know, it could be both. The source doesn’t matter though. I want this laptop to last me another few years (gotta get maximum value out of that huge investment), so smoothing out issues whenever I can is important. After a recent temporary hang I threw a long hard look at the log files, for which OS X provides a neat reader. The hang was caused by GPU shenanigans, a thorough search didn’t turn up anything useful. But I did spot something else interesting that I could fix: double log entries.

Apparently a background software was running twice. A look-around revealed some application was running its own (luckily still up-to-date) version of the background software. No need for that if I already have the right version installed, right? So I redirect its files to point to my version, and it continued to run just fine. Neat!

Now, on to those other hundred errors that keep popping up in the logs.
~ Fang


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