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20 03 16

Week without end

I haven’t had this many early days in a row for quite some time.

The easy life was coming to an end anyway, considering the second part of the semester is starting and I no longer have any classes I can get out free on. This weekend wasn’t kind in easing me into that either. After getting up very early on Friday to organize that seminar, Saturday saw me rising earlier than normal in order to travel more than two hours to attend a Smashfest. Today a dear friend of mine had his confirmation(?) ceremony. At church, of course, so there was no way I wasn’t getting up early for that.

Feels like I’m missing out on extra sleep that I need now more than before, what with my busy and event-filled days lately. Then again, whenever I had the chance to sleep in, I did so for way too long. So this at least keeps me from oversleeping. It’s something.

Tomorrow we’ll be starting on the big project of this semester. Curious to see what that holds.
~ Fang


  • 22/03/2016 (6:23 AM)

    I know that feel. When I’ve got nothing going on I oversleep. When I’m busy I don’t. Now that I’m slammed I get a ton done and I don’t oversleep… But it sure would be nice to be able to rest a damn minute.

    Good luck with that big project!

  • 21/03/2016 (12:11 AM)

    I just don’t function without sleep. If I don’t get enough, I don’t care what else is going on, something is going to get skipped until I get sleep.

    I hope you catch up and still get everything else in!

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