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Nothing gets me more hyped than a couple of shots of people doing traditional animation.

Let’s face it, that stuff is pure labor of love. If you don’t love what you’re doing then there’s no way you can produce a two hour long animated movie, frame by frame. Even with some old-school trickery it’s still an endless amount of work, drawing huge parts of every single frame by hand, manually cutting it all together, everything. Years of work.

But I always find it so nice watching people create things like animation in traditional ways. As I said, you know those who worked on it had immense passion for their jobs, and it always shows. Nothing can beat that distinct look and feel you get when you produce traditionally. No amount of fancy modern CGI will net you that. Doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing in its own way, but if it tries to be like classic, hand-made animation, it just falls flat. Because it isn’t what it tries to be.

Man, I have such an admiration-boner for Hayao Miyazaki.
~ Fang

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