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[devving intensifies]

This is not an easter post. This is a flu post.

Some of you may recall me being sick a couple weeks ago. People had spoken of a “flu epidemic” because so many had fallen ill. Gladly, we all survived, and went on our merry way after recovering. But rumor now has it there’s a second version of that previous flu flying around. Supposedly doesn’t make you cough as much as the last one. And you know what, I fear I may be able to verify that.

I woke up this morning rather tired, even after postponing my alarm by half an hour… three times. This feeling stuck with me through the day, along with a runny nose and a headache. Pretty similar to how it started last time. That doesn’t bode well.

Kind of a bummer, I always considered myself someone who rarely ever gets sick. Is my immune system weakening? Probably doesn’t help I’m living under the same roof as people that had also contracted this Flu 2.0 a couple days back. None of them got incapacitated because of it though, so hopefully I’ll still be able to continue my regular daily schedule of sitting on a chair.

The flu died for our suffering. But it has risen again to instill illness once more. Zombie Flu, coming soon to theaters near you!
~ Fang


  • 31/03/2016 (4:33 PM)

    I used to think I had a pretty good immune system. Then I remembered I actually get sick a lot. Nothing too bad at least. I rarely get the flu. Get better soon man. Viruses may be bad but you can’t beat the good old immune system.

  • 29/03/2016 (4:50 PM)

    The good thing about the Flu Gods is that their followers are so sick that they can’t spend their time out of bed and fighting like the followers of some other gods I could name.

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