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30 03 16

The overengineer

Imagine that being an actual job title. “Oh yeah, I’m an overengineer at Convoluted Solutions Inc.”

For some reason I’ve never been big on watching movies. I’d watch them with friends, but very rarely would I seek out a film on my own. But recently, I’ve been picking up on that life-long slack and indulged myself in some good ol’ cinematographic culture. And now that I’m actively keeping an eye out for films to watch, more and more works have been popping up that look interesting to me. Great! But that means I now already have a backlog of fifty movies I have stored but haven’t yet seen.

Fifty movies is a lot. Where do I even begin watching those? I have enough trouble picking which pair of underwear I need to hide under my pants, you can’t reasonably expect me to pick a movie to watch in less than an hour. So as every programmer would, I whipped up a quick script to help me pick a movie at random. Easy enough, just load up the list of files in the “Movies” directory and pick one, right?

But what about those that start with “(to-do)”? I don’t have those available yet. And what about the movies I’ve already seen, but still keep around? They have a color tag, but I can’t see that from a plain list of files. Time to use some arcane, OS X-specific command! What if I’m not in the movie it suggests, hmm, better have the option to re-roll for another movie. While I’m at it, I might as well have it automatically open the movie for me if I ask it to. Need to make sure it doesn’t include any sample files though!

I spent two hours writing and troubleshooting a script to help me pick a movie. I didn’t watch any movies that night.
~ Fang


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