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No, I didn’t reinstall my work system yet.

I did however do a complete wipe and reinstall of my Windows partition. Windows 8.1 Pro N, sponsored by my school. What’s the N stand for? I looked it up, and the N and NK versions are the ones without Windows’ own media applications that nobody uses anyway. Less bloat, hurray! Also yeah, Windows 8.1 isn’t the latest. But let’s be real here, you all know why Windows 10 is bad and shouldn’t be installed right? Right?

And some of that badness has crept into lower versions of Windows. They’re all nagging for you to update, and already install some new “features” for you if you’re not careful. So they require a bit of careful handling, some extra work. Aside from, you know, the little bit of (mostly automated) extra work I have to do to get it running nicely on my Apple laptop and in my virtual machine environment.

So far I’ve spent about half an hour tweaking and re-tweaking settings. The display resolution and scaling are a bitch to get right for some reason, especially under the VM environment. Currently I’m in the process of installing software that keeps Windows from doing things it wants to do, and even after doing that I’ll probably double-check every so often to make sure it hasn’t been up to anything sneaky.

Honestly, I think that if your software absolutely needs intensive tinkering after installation to be useful, safe and friendly, then you’re best off giving up on it.
~ Fang


  • 24/03/2016 (12:42 AM)

    The little box that wants me to upgrade to 10 is getting more and more insistent. I’ve heard bad things, though, so it will never be clever enough tio get me to accidentally hit yes on it.

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