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A very rare and difficult meditation technique. You’ll know when to use it.

When turning your head faster than half a rotation per minute makes things up there bounce around and explode in all kinds of ways, you’ll know. When you’re working your way through seven packs of tissues a day, you’ll know. When your coughs are so violent you can swear your lungs could be turning inside out, you’ll know. And when climbing a flight of stairs at half your regular pace has you out of breath, you’ll know.

When you’ve filled two and a half olympic swimming pools with bodily fluids, you’ll know. When you can’t bring yourself to eat a slice of delicious, grandma-made apple pie, you’ll know. When it’s cold wherever you go and trying to warm up makes you sweat buckets, you’ll know. And when you have the abs of a young god thanks to violent expulsion of air, you’ll know.

Good thing I’ve been training with the most elite of monks for years now, so I can pull of The Early Bedtime.
~ Fang


  • 07/03/2016 (1:46 PM)

    Man I hope you feel better soon. I’m no good with early bedtimes myself. Though I can pull them off when sick.

  • 05/03/2016 (2:51 AM)

    That sounds terrible!

    I hope you find some peace and health.

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