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It’s things like this that make me glad Windows isn’t my daily driver.

After wiping and setting up my Windows partition with the “latest and greatest” of Windows 8.1, I decided I wanted to go and play some Skyrim. Because hey, about damn time I picked up that relatively old game I bought a year or two ago. And what better to play a game designed for Consoles than to use a controller? I still have DualShock II controllers, and a USB adapter to hook them up to my computer. Let’s plug and play!

Except things aren’t that easy. If only they were. Instead, I’ve spent my day running around with god knows what on fire, trying to install just the right things to get Skyrim to detect my controller. Windows detects it just fine with default drivers, but Skyrim acts like it isn’t there! So I’m left with the option of installing customer drivers, wrappers, whatever. Nice and dandy, until they whip out their lists of required software. This one specific version of that old Windows XP update, that broken version of some arcane driver manager.

Surely the required components could be bundled in, right? What the hell are they even doing that they need two different versions of Visual C++ installed? Absolutely ridiculous.

User experience for non-standard things have never not been shit, sadly. (Got it to work after four solid hours of fucking around though.)
~ Fang


  • 25/03/2016 (4:30 PM)

    Skyrim was designed for consoles? Huh. Today I learned. I just used a mouse so it worked great. The controller I use with my computer is also an Xbox one so I’ve never had problems with it. The only time I did was when I tried to play LA Noire. For some reason I couldn’t make the controller player 1. It would always register the keyboard as player 1 so I couldn’t use my controller with it.

    • 25/03/2016 (5:44 PM)

      My two hours of Skyrim keyboard-and-mouse experience are pretty meh compared to the two hours of controller experience. Their menus are annoying to navigate using the mouse, but moving your hand to the keyboard for that isn’t fluent. I don’t know, maybe I was missing out on some keybindings.

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