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08 03 16

Presented power

Here’s a fun case.

Riot recently introduced us to what is possibly the single most powerful character (lore-wise) in their League of Legends. Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, is a cosmic being, a dragon capable of creating and destroying stars with ease. Cinematically, he’s absolutely huge, almost infinitely powerful, and just the right amount of smug. Sadly, not all of that holds up when you translate him into the context of the game.

As cool as he is, he has to make do with the same playing field as all the other creatures. From mermaids to mountains, marksmen to mages, they’re all duking it out on the small chunk of world players are supposed to conquer. It’s already tough presenting a literal underworld god with the proper woo-ha, let alone a space serpent of infinite power. Yes his ability’s effects can be made all pretty, but they lose out on a huge part of Sol’s identity: the scale.

Gameplay-wise he’ll still feel powerful if he gets to deal his fair share of damage, and getting the full visual impact isn’t as important as the visuals being efficient, so ultimately it’s of no consequence. Still, kind of a shame isn’t it? Not only is the big guy getting downscaled to fit, he also has to play along and allow himself to be killed by a little girl and her teddy bear.

And here you thought your days could get rough.
~ Fang

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