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14 03 16

Image building

The literal kind. I won’t be teaching you how to build a brand, sorry.

For a small side-project (or attempt at one, at least) I want to automagically generate infographic-ish images based on a bunch of input data. Front-end web development isn’t exactly my forte; it took me half a day to get a not-even-fully-working interface running with the aid of jQuery. And then there’s also the task of actually manufacturing the images… There’s a Library for That!

The aptly-named ImageMagick suite is a sizable piece of software, providing all kinds of capabilities for manipulating bitmap images. And the great thing is, there’s interfaces for it for a whole bunch of programming languages. It’d be surprising if there wasn’t one for the language you’re using!

As it turns out though, it’s also a bit of a pain. Documentation for my specific ImageMagick flavor is brief at best, and I have yet to find any good example tutorials to learn from. I’m getting by just trying things out, for now, but results so far have been suboptimal.

But hey, at least I’m programmatically doing image editing, so that’s pretty neat!
~ Fang


  • 17/03/2016 (1:41 PM)

    It’s great that you’re still learning all this cool new stuff and playing aruond. Knowing you can make infographics automatically takes some of the magic away though.

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