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05 03 16

I’m not sick

I never am, so how could I be?

Throughout my life I’ve only been really, actually sick a handful times. Seriously, I can count the number on two hands. So of course I won’t just get sick out of the blue, right? I’m just feeling a bit under the weather is all. Never mind that I am devoid of energy,tired out from sneezing and coughing, and mentally below half capacity. That could be caused by something else, maybe I’m just having an off day.

If I were sick I’d be in bed all day, but at least now I’m doing some interactive (albeit brain-dead) browsing, playing a few games, what have you. Sick people don’t do that, right? I have to turn the heat way up, and then quickly back down, to make myself swing beyond and back down over comfortable temperatures, but that’s just the effects of winter.

Shit, denial’s only the first step. I got a long way to go here.
~ Fang


  • 06/03/2016 (2:34 PM)

    I never take the chance. I try and sleep it off, which always keeps it to a couple days at the most.

    I hope you’re back to 100% soon.

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