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Six years!
06 03 16

Going back

Nintendo has been releasing Virtual Console titles on their gaming devices for quite some time now.

Virtual Console titles are are old games for discontinued devices, digitally wrapped up to be playable on modern machines. As you can imagine, this has made a lot of people very happy. It allows them to play their old favorites from the comfort of their modern setup, sometimes even with small enhancements (wireless trading for the original Pokemon games, what a time to be alive). Aside from the players though, Nintendo’s also very happy with their more or less free-to-produce products.

People are happily paying a few bucks to get their fix of nostalgic vibes (which is still cheaper and arguably a better experience than buying a physical retro device and game), and Nintendo happily puts those few bucks into their pockets. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re making 100% off those things, what with developer companies having ceased to exist or licenses having expired (if that’s even a thing that happens).

Capitalism aside though, it’s a great move by them, despite only doing so for titles they hand-picked for the cause. Luckily, thanks to the homebrew community, it’s possible to run practically any old game in the Virtual Console. A great opportunity for playing those obscure, dead-after-release C-list games.

Truly some next-level backwards compatibility.
~ Fang

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