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19 03 16

Fight fest

I attended a Smashfest for the first time today!

A Smashfest is a get-together for playing games from the Super Smash Brothers series. As opposed to tournaments, Smashfests are strictly for fun only. Sure the one-on-ones can get pretty heated, but there’s nothing on the line. Hence why I figured it might be a good point of entry for me to get into the local Smash scene. Well, local. If something a two and a half hour trip away can be considered local.

It was great fun though! I beat some people up, some people beat me up. Had a couple really intense one-on-one matches, and a whole lot of silly team battles. Actually never played team battles before, or any mode with more than three people in it for that matter. Things got quite hectic when we were playing with six on a small stage, half the players had to take multiple seconds to rediscover their character on the screen after skirmishes.

Actually considering visiting a tourney sometimes. Not because I’m good, I’ll likely get kicked out in the first round, but because they sound like fun experiences too.
~ Fang

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