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09 03 16

Engage yourself

“Wah that game’s so boring.” Then make it fun!

Sometimes there’s an old game you really want to replay, or something you want to finally play your way through now that you’ve got the time. It’s possible that the game by itself just isn’t engaging enough for you. Maybe you’ve fallen out of the target demographic, or your year-long familiarity with the game took the surprises away. Or maybe it’s just not that fun a game. Doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with it though.

You can actually do this for lots of things besides games: slap your own rules onto it. No special weapons during boss fights, permadeath, no healing allowed. Try finding something that makes the game more challenging (but be careful not to make it frustratingly so). It’s all about turning boring grinds into interesting activities, and setting your own arbitrary rules allows you to go crazy with that.

All up until the point where you’re not good enough to stick to your own rules, hah.
~ Fang


  • 10/03/2016 (3:52 AM)

    That’s what Peter gabriel used to say he did with his songwriting: Come up with a set of rules about what he can and can’t do for an album he was making, then never announce the rules publicly.

    So, you know, it might involve not using the word “you” on an entire album, or having an entire album where every song was a response to some some other album, or not using any guitar.

    It keeps things interesting. Meaningless personal challenges = life.

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