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They always come in pairs

Man am I sick and tired of this junk by now.

My Wii U Gamepad is in for repairs at the moment, since the audio jack was broken. The warranty was still on it though, so I could get it sent in for free. Now, two weeks later, I haven’t yet heard back from them. In the time the Gamepad’s been gone, an update for Smash has been released. But I blocked updates through the Wifi settings, so it won’t download, meaning I can’t play online either. And guess what’s required to access the Wii U’s system settings? The Gamepad.

Which is absolutely awful software design, but I guess they really want everyone to have a complete setup. Physical rights management and all that. Regardless, there’s really no way to do some things without the Gamepad… unless you can simulate one! And luckily, some very cool people have already reverse-engineered the Wii U to Gamepad pairing process and figured out how the thing works. Which means there’s software available to connect to the Wii U and act as a Gamepad!

…Except I can’t get it to work. I’ve gotten quite far, like 80% of the way there, but I’ve hit a brick wall. When I attempt to retrieve the connection data from the Wii U, the software just face-plants and doesn’t get back up again. It probably has nothing to do with the software, which is really neat, but rather my hardware and its drivers. If it doesn’t support a specific thing, then it just can’t be done. But I can’t discover if that’s the actual source of the problem, since the driver in question is proprietary software.

If only the Gamepad would get out of repairs soon.
~ Fang

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