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Is that actually how you spell it? Seems like such a silly word.

If there ever is one thing slowing individuals down, it’s the bureaucracy of the system. The odd need for tireless paper-pushing that just never seems to reach a meaningful conclusion at a reasonable speed. Need to get something done? Better file a request with this and that department. Oh, but you need to include a filled in three-page form, verified by this and that person who’s only around the offices once in a blue moon.

While I get some stuff needs to get verified properly, and that takes time, there’s no reason for anyone to be stuck in the same few steps of a process for more than a month. But no, it’s imperative we kill enough trees in the process, so we better re-do the whole “let’s all print out emails to include in this physical document” shtick for the third time. But the font is not Comic Sans, so it’ll be rejected after review.

Has there ever been anything involving forms that got resolved quickly?
~ Fang


  • 02/03/2016 (4:53 AM)

    I worked for a non-profit that received federal government grants once. If there was anything off, the government agency would send the forms back with the correction written in and asking us to send it back with the correciotn they had already done on our forms!

    They couldn’t just do it. We had to do it. But if we didn’t understand what we were doing, they could indicate exactly the change being made.


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