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Someone pointed out how comedy films have a higher chance of getting poorly rated on film critic websites.

Makes sense, because people who argue over opinions surely can’t have a good sense of humor, right? Well, yeah, but there’s something else to it I think. Film critics that review for those websites have seen a lot of films, and in order to keep their ratings consistently unbiased, they need some sort of baseline to compare against. At least, that’s how I can imagine it goes. Watch a movie, see how it scores on various points, and deduce a final rating from that.

But frequently, comedy films will fall flat on a bunch of those points. They’re not made to display excellent cinematography, they’re made for laughs. If bad acting is part of their script, or the script is purposefully bad, so be is. Cause justifies the means. If it creates the desired effect, if it makes for a good laugh, then it doesn’t matter if the film scores an F on some points because of it.

That, and you can’t just watch a comedy with intent to judge it. You have to be open to everything it throws at you, and treat it like one big joke.
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  • 28/03/2016 (8:17 PM)

    What about unintentional comedy, though? The Room is still one of the most laugh out loud movies we’ve both ever seen, just because of how terrible it is. They have entire festivals around it (we attend one yearly).

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