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16 03 16

Bobs per minute

You know, like beats per minute, except measure in head bobs rather than musical beats.

I rediscovered a piece of software today that can do all kinds of nifty little things to your music library. It aids in finding inconsistencies, misspellings and incorrect tags in the metadata you’ve already added to your music files. But it can also add things! It can search a huge amount of websites for song lyrics and cover art, and, get this, calculate BPM, key and color/mood of a song!

Now the key and color don’t matter all that much for me, I don’t see myself DJ’ing in the near future. BPM though, is an interesting one. If I ever get a good pair of sportsy earbuds or headphones I may want to take some beats with me when doing physical exercise things. Because hey, it feels good to ride the rhythm with your actions. But my usual “just put that shit on shuffle” approach wouldn’t work very well, considering the tempo would be all over the place, while consistency is preferred.

So I decided to try the software’s BPM detection, and hot damn, it’s actually rather accurate! Of course it still finds double or half the bobs per minute sometimes, much like people do, but that’s a non-issue considering I can just grab songs near both 80 and 160 BPM for example. That aside, it does a good job recognizing the BPM for even my more noisy songs. The only thing it struggles with is songs with varying BPM, but even there it occasionally manages to figure out what the most common BPM is.

Oh yeah, and it does section detection too! And did I mention it’s pretty fast? Amazing.
~ Fang


  • 16/03/2016 (10:44 PM)

    That’s cool. I run a couple times a week, and there’s nothing worse than fussing with my phone to find something appropriate to listen to.

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